Leading You To Your Extraordinary Future


Where We Started

VarCity Studios is dedicated to making the world's best lifestyle and wellness brands accessible to teens. VarCity was inspired by friends and collegiate athletes who learned that by working out together, we all achieved more. By training together, we broke through our goals, grew closer, pushed each other to succeed and made lasting friendships. We at VarCity went on to extraordinary things in life - we are olympians, non-profit leaders, doctors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, bankers... Just to name a few.

And we want the same for you.

Helping you on your way

Once you're part of the VarCity team, we want to know how we can help you along the path to achieving your goals. We want to hear about your past successes, your future goals and who you've met along the way. We're only satisfied when you're reaching your goals, so tell us how we can best help you get across your finish line. Let us know what other classes you'd like, how else we can help you grow, and if we can connect you with other VarCity teens, friends and alumni.

We can't wait to see the person you're going to become. 


Your Journey


VarCity knows that teens are at their best when they're working as a team towards a common fitness goal. To facilitate group workouts, VarCity has teamed up with the hottest fitness and wellness brands in NYC to bring the best fitness classes exclusively to teens. Classes are designed by professional trainers who are up to date on the latest fitness research and all trainers have collaborated with VarCity to craft effective-efficient workouts lasting approx. 45 minutes. Whether it's spinning, boxing, yoga, pilates, bootcamps or rowing, VarCity workouts are full body workouts that exercise the entire body and mind.

45 minutes is all it takes for you to transform the way you feel, the way you look, and the way you succeed at reaching your life goals.