Spring Forward Your Nutrition!

Ready or not, spring is right around the corner. Step up your nutrition game using our 3 simple goals!

1. Eat Breakfast

Spring months can become very busy, and along with crammed schedules often comes sacrificing the most important meal of the day. Breakfast didn’t get this title for no reason; it provides us with energy for the whole day, wakes up our metabolism and helps keep our appetite steady. According to the Food and Nutrition Service it even helps improve school performance, allowing students to do better on exams. Give your body what it needs to feel its best by eating balanced breakfast.

2. Swap out Juice for Real Fruits

As the weather gets warmer we often crave something sweet to drink. Juice, even all natural juices are full of sugar and lack the added benefits that eating whole fruit provides. Juicing eliminates fiber, which helps to maintain a healthy weight as well as control cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Next time, instead of grabbing juice, go for a fresh piece of your favorite fruit instead. You’ll find yourself equally refreshed along with energized! 

3. Focus on Color

Between magazines and social media we are constantly being told what to eat. With this abundance of information it can be hard to decide what to take to heart. One simple rule can help: focus on color. Putting together a plate with multiple colors means that we are getting a variety of macro and micronutrients. Try eating meals with at least three colors. For example, have a balanced breakfast of whole grain toast, scrambled eggs and an apple. 


Kayla Monks is a VarCity staff member who’s pursuing her MS in Nutrition and Dietetics.  Kayla is a serious foodie who has never met a piece of chocolate that she doesn’t like!

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