Top Fitness Tips for Teens

Set Goals Instead of focusing on a number on the scale or a pair of jeans you’d like to fit into, choose a fitness oriented goal, like running that 10k or doing 50 pushups

Train With Your Whole Body Focus on doing exercises that use every part of your body. This way you will be getting a more diverse set of benefits

Don’t Forget To Breathe Breathing is the most important part of any workout. Not only will breathing improve your workout but it will also help you carry over peace of mind into your daily life

Use A Tracker Whether it’s a FitBit, a Jawbone or another tool, these devices can be a great way to keep track of your workout and accomplishments

Have Fun Working out is supposed to be FUN! Create an upbeat playlist that you’ll look forward to listening to or make a date with friends to go on a jog or attend a class