10 Hidden Benefits of Working Out

1.    Feel happier Working out increases production of brain chemicals that ease stress and anxiety, making you overall happier and relaxed


2.    Sleep better No matter the time of day you get your sweat on, exercise can help improve your sleep


3.    Reduce stress Exercise is a great way to boost endorphins that are stress-fighters and also get your mind off your stressors to help you relax


4.    Boost your energy Regular exercise can increase production of dopamine, which helps increase your energy throughout the day


5.    Improve your immune system Studies have found that those who exercise regularly get sick less often


6.    Keep your mind sharp Exercising regularly can improve your memory and cognitive development as well as help you focus throughout the day


7.    You’ll become stronger This obvious benefit shouldn’t be forgotten; your strength will increase and daily activities will become easier


8.    Impress yourself Accomplish goals you’ve set for yourself or find yourself doing the impossible


9.    Increase your confidence Not only will exercising tone your body but the effort alone will boost your self-esteem and confidence


10.  Have fun with friends Making a date to take a class or go for a jog is the perfect excuse to catch up with friends