The 5 Things that Make Mallory Pugh an Amazing Teen Athlete

Photo Credit GotSoccer

Photo Credit GotSoccer

1.     Love For Her Sport Pugh has loved Soccer since she was a young child, watching it as a kid, and has been participating in the sport since age 4.

2.     She’s Tough Mallory began playing for the national team in January of this year, while finishing her high school career. As if the last few months of high school weren’t hard enough, Pugh spent her time juggling national soccer with her classes, club soccer and planning the next part of her life (she will go to UCLA in January).

3.     She Doesn’t Waste Any Time As the youngest American on the senior-team in the last eleven years, she scored her first goal just twenty-five minutes into the game, showing her teammates and viewers around the world that she was there to stay.

4.     Her Loyalty and Commitment Even though being part of the national team prevented Pugh from playing for her high school Soccer team she continued to go to games and sit on the bench to support her teammates.

5.     She Doesn’t Let Her Age Stop Her As one of the youngest athletes to play for the American team, Pugh has a lot of pressure on her to perform, but she consistently surpasses expectations and we can only imagine she will continue to do so!