Tired of Water? Try These Tips to Spice up Your Beverage Routine!

With the hot weather in the summer often comes refreshing drinks like juices, smoothies and sweetened iced teas. These choices are high in sugar and although they may seem rejuvenating at the time, they are likely to cause a crash in your energy later in the day. Instead of going for these drinks opt for a healthier refreshing beverage by trying these tips.

1. Add homemade flavored ice cubes (http://www.rd.com/food/recipes-cooking/flavored-ice-cubes/) to your water for a colorful and tasty twist.

2.  Add a squeeze of lemon or lime for some nice zest!

3. Add whole fruit (try strawberries, raspberries, oranges or even cucumbers) to your water for a flavorful taste.

4. Add herbs such as mint or basil for a nice twist. Add the leaves whole, dice them or muddle them for a stronger flavor.

5. Puree your favorite fruit (berries, peach, watermelon) and add to your water for a fresh, homemade healthier version of juice.

6. Try sparkling water! Sparkling water brands such as Polar and Poland Springs have fun flavors that are calorie free and naturally infused. Plus the carbonation will be an added twist in your water routine.

7. Add a few drops of rose water for a refreshing but different flavor.

8. Let your water soak overnight with some cut up fruit in it (try pineapple!). 

**Try adding mint, lime juice and crushed raspberries to your water and soaking overnight to test out our favorite recipe!