7 Tips for Working Out in the Summer

Stay Hydrated Drink plenty of water while working out to keep cool. When our body becomes dehydrated our ability to exercise diminishes. Make sure to drink lots of water to maintain your ability to push yourself.

Pay Attention to the Time of Day During the hot summer months the time of day is important. Try to avoid working out outdoors between 10am-3pm as this is hottest part of the day. On very hot days the early morning hours will be best for keeping cool.

Check the Weather Make sure you check the weather to see if its appropriate to exercise outside. If there is a heat advisory or thunderstorms its probably a good day to exercise inside.

Dress Properly Heavy and dark clothing will absorb heat and make you feel even warmer. Opt for lighter colors and looser fitting clothes when exercising outdoors in the summer.

Wear Sunscreen Never leave the house for a workout without putting on your sunscreen for protection. For longer workouts bring a portable packet of sunscreen with you.

Refuel During Your Workout For longer workouts in the sun water may not be enough. You may find you need to refuel your energy with a piece of fruit or an energy pack such as Gu https://guenergy.com/

Listen to Your Body If you’re feeling faint, dizzy or nauseous, stop and get into the shade or go inside. Watch out for signs of heat stroke including a body temperature over 104, rapid pulse, difficulty breathing and confusion. If heat stroke is suspected call 911 immediately.