The Importance of Setting Goals


Goals aren’t just for soccer games, they can motivate you to try harder in your daily life. If goals were never set, nobody would get anything done. A goal can be anything from “i’m going to clean my room” to “I am going to make it into Forbes”. We have goals for all aspects of our lives, but for some reason, they aren’t as solid when it comes to fitness.

There is a slim chance that you ACTUALLY made a concrete fitness goal. (and no, tweeting a picture of a supermodel with #bodygoals does not count). A simple, concrete goal like “I am going to run a 7 minute mile” will motivate you much more than simply saying “I am going to run faster”.

There are some simple ways to make your goals much more impactful:

-You have to write them down! Something on paper will have much more of a sting than something floating around in your brain. 

-Tell a friend. If someone has to hold you accountable, its better off being the wraith of a close friend.

-Make them achievable. “I want to lose 4567898765 pounds in the next 30 seconds” is going to be daunting. Setting goals you can realistically reach will inspire you to make more.