Drinking A Gallon Of Water a Day | Days 2 and 3


I am a failure yet again. This challenge is harder than I thought. Today and yesterday I drank 70 ounces each. Its not hard to drink a lot of water, I am just not used to it. Did you know it takes 21 days of a repetitive action to form a habit? I am far from 21 days...


I have to set reminders for myself in order to actually do this challenge correctly for the rest of the week. I changed the background on my phone to a straight up water bottle (tacky, I know) and I keep water bottles in every possible place I could be (bags, my car, my room, etc.). 


I am drinking more water than I usually do though- which does have added benefits. I feel like I have more energy and I also am not as hungry all the time. I am assuming that the more water I drink, the more effects I will feel- which will hopefully help me make this challenge more of a success.