Better New Year's Resolutions that You'll Actually Want to Stick to

New Year's Resolution

Last New Year's Day I found it so odd how many people I almost hit with my car while driving to get lunch. So many people were out walking or running. I told my dad how weird it was and he reminded me that it was, intact, New Year's Day and that the crowds outside would dwindle down in the next few weeks if not days. Now, in mid December, I see the same few people when I drive around town, but I do know I'll be alarmed in a few weeks. "Be Healthy" is such a broad and overrated resolution. You'll never do it because you can never really have a tangible benchmark of achieving it. Here are some ACTUAL New Year's Resolutions you can stick to:


Get 8 Hours of Sleep Every Night

Walk 10,000 Steps per Day

Run a Mile a Day

Try a New Workout Class Each Week

Eat More Vegan Foods

Eat Less Processed Foods

Drink a Gallon of Water Every Day (read more about my adventure with this HERE)