Workout Like a Teen Justin Bieber: Part 2

Justin Bieber Workout

In our 2nd installment on how celebrity trainers would work with Justin Bieber, we refer to a Men’s Health’s discussion with Brian Krahn.  Brian has been working as a trainer, journalist, and marketing executive to supplement companies for two decades, but mostly considers himself a jock who helps regular guys achieve the basic goals of getting leaner and more muscular.

The first change Brian suggests for Justin Bieber’s workout routine is he’d have him do four workouts a week instead of five, using the classic Ian King split:

  • Monday: horizontal push (pushups and bench press variations) and horizontal pull (rows)
  • Tuesday: knee-dominant (squats and lunges)
  • Thursday: vertical push (shoulder press variations) and vertical pull (pullups and lat pulldowns)
  • Friday: hip-dominant (deadlifts, swings, and hip thrusts)

“This would allow for more balanced and more frequent lower-body work,” Krahn says.  And with one less workout each week, a lean type like Justin Bieber would be able to work with higher intensity, while giving his muscles more time to recover.