Why You Aren't Seeing Results

Congrats! Its great that you are working to transform your body. It is even better that youaccept that things aren’t going as planned and are willing to seek out how to get more out of the work you're putting in. There are certain habits that you might have fallen victim to which are very common, easy to fix mistakes:

You stop when it gets difficult.

Working out is all fun and games until you begin to break a sweat and your muscles start to hurt. Progress is only made once it begins to hurt. There is no way for you to end up with a 6 pack if you stop doing crunches once you start to “feel it”.

You compare yourself and your progress to others

Social media is a great motivator. Seeing the fitness journeys of others can be motivating, but can also stress you out about your own journey. If you find yourself saying “They ran 5 miles today and I only ran 2!” or alike phrases, it might be a good idea to log off for a bit. Everybody’s bodies are different and if you are copying every-little-thing your favorite fitness guru is doing, you might be doing something different than what is best for your specific body. Everyone is different. What works for somebody else might not work for you.

You focus too much on one thing

There are 2 variations of this bad habit: focusing on one aspect of health and focusing on a specific aspect of your body. If you spend too much time targeting eating healthy and don’t balance it with working out, getting sleep, etc., your fitness journey will not be well rounded therefore skewing your results. The same goes for strictly working out. If you spend too much time trying working on your arms, the rest of your body will be neglected, also skewing your results.

You make excuses

“I did a lot yesterday, I deserve to take the day off” It is natural to come up with excuses and take shortcuts even when you are trying to help yourself, we all do it. Be careful because taking breaks can be a slippery slope. Before you know it you'll be back at your old habits, but you will have justified them.

You don’t listen to your body

If your body is trying to tell you something, listen to it! There is a different between making excuses to take a break and actually needing to take a break. If you have an injury, do not try to push through it- it will only get worse.