4 Easy Ways to Eat More Healthy Foods

Healthy Food

We get it, you're not superhuman. Here are some tips to actually eat healthy food without making yourself crazy.

1. No matter what, start the day with breakfast

You've heard it since you were little: "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day". Something is better than nothing. Its important to jump start your metabolism with anything you can- ranging from just a granola bar, to a full buffet. Even if your breakfast isn't SUPER healthy food, its better than eating nothing.

2. Do fast-food RIGHT

If you’re gonna eat out, do your research. Going for a salad at your favorite take out joint might not be the best option. Dressings are extremely high in calories and the vegetables are far from fresh. A small order of french fries could actually be a better option.

3. Eat off the Kids Menu

Not only will it save you money, but it can keep you healthier. Kids meals are usually made from simpler recipes and are smaller portions. 

4. Be Conscious of Snacking

Take note of when you find yourself picking up that bag of chips. Are you hungry? Or just bored? Pinpointing when you like to snack can help you eat less junk. Plus, once you’re conscious of it, you can replace those treats with some healthy food options.