Can you run with AirPods?


Apple’s new wireless earphones, AirPods, are about a year old but they are just starting to reach popularity. Have you seen that dude at the train station with those little white sticks coming out of his ears? No, that’s not one of those ~vintage~ Bluetooth headsets, its Apple’s new product.

I was quite critical of people wearing these, but that was before I got a pair. Other companies make wireless earphones (usually with a wire connecting both ear pieces) but Apple’s AirPods are TRULY wireless. And with the company’s new W1 chip, they connect via Bluetooth to your phone more seamlessly than ever before. 

I know what you’re thinking: “That’s great and all, but can you run or workout in them?” The answer is yes, sort of.

AirPods are shaped like standard Apple earphones so if you have trouble with those, you might have trouble with AirPods too. That doesn't keep you out of the trend! There are a ton of attachments out there that can help you if the earphones don't stay in (examples here and here)