How I ran 5 miles with no training

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"Well Caroline, you're not going to be in shape forever" sighed my mom as I ate a Chili's family size molten lava cake that I ordered to go. She was right. High school cross country stamina does not last forever. I figured if I wanted to get back in shape, I would have to have some sort of "end thing" to hold myself accountable. That "end thing" was the Spring Lake 5, on Memorial Day Weekend. This is not a 5k. ITS A FIVE MILE RACE. This was the perfect way to get in shape, with zero excuses.

The race was 2 weeks out. The lava cake incident was months ago. And you guessed it, I had not ran once. Whoops. Now I really had to get my act together. Plus, my extended family would be cheering me on from the sidelines, it would be too embarrassing not to run.

Through VarCity, I did do the occasional Swerve class (that I HIGHLY recommend) so I wasn't a complete couch potato.

Here is the milage I did in order to

Day 1: 1.3 miles
Day 2: It was raining, and thats a good enough excuse not to run
Day 3: 2 miles
Day 4: 1.3 miles
Day 5: 3 miles
Day 6: Didn’t feel like running, whoops
Day 7: 2 miles
Day 8: 4 miles
Day 9: 3 miles
Day 10: My ankle started hurting again because of a Fashion week injury in February that never healed
Day 11: 1.3 miles
Day 12: 2.5 miles
Day 13: 1.3 miles
Day 14: RACE DAY

So, I did it. 47:13. Nothing crazy, but I did it. Next year, I promise I’ll train better... but then again that’s exactly what I said last year.