Ivy Park: Beyonce Can Do No Wrong


Remember when Beyonce had twins? The world acted like she invented twins. Remember when Beyonce headlined Coachella? The world acted like she invented Coachella. So now when Beyonce came out with Ivy Park? I’m now convinced she invented activewear.

I recently was blessed to receive a giant package of Ivy Park merch delivered to my door. And let me tell you, Beyonce did not disappoint. Each piece is stylish and of great quality. Beyonce career has lasted forever, so I am assuming these clothes will as well.

Ivy Park’s goal is “fashion-led design with technical innovation”, which even just based off the cuts of the product line, is quite evident. I love the brand and the concept, I especially love the inspiration of the name: Beyonce’s oldest daughter, Blue Ivy! 

Psst- mom, if you’re reading this, please come out with a fitness line and name it after me :)