Skin Care Routine: Elizabeth Nacion

I’ve noticed how recently, it’s become trendy to have these skincare threads and instagram pages with tips.  When reading them, I’ve found that most of the “hacks” and “natural ways” to care for your skin actually have broken me out in the past!  Not to say these ideas wouldn’t work for everyone, but when you have sensitive, acne-prone skin like mine, trendy skincare isn’t the way to go.  

I struggled with acne and texture since my freshman year, and tried multiple different skin routines.  It wasn’t until I had an appointment with an esthetician at the Acne Clinic in NYC that I was able to find a skincare routine that truly saved my skin.  I highly recommend it to anyone with acne prone skin who has given up on trying to fix their skin, because there is hope!  Here’s my personal skin routine and all of the products I use:

  • face reality face and body scrub

  • face reality gentle toner

  • face reality mandelic serum

  • face reality hydrating balance

  • face reality sunscreen

  • Acne Med benzoyl peroxide (dime size amount, only at night)

Some skin tips!

  • hydrate. hydrate. hydrate.

  • have a consistent sleeping schedule!

  • avoid foods that contain iodine, dairy, and high sodium

  • work out! it can help release the toxins from your skin

  • always end your showers with cold water to close up your pores! this can help with body acne.

Final advice: listen to your skin!  Go to a trained professional who can properly diagnose your skin type and how you should be taking care of it.  You’ll be glowing in no time :)