Your New Favorite Running Buddy


So it’s officially 2018.  Caroline let us know that we can run with AirPods and hopefully you’re sticking to your 2018 New Year’s Resolution.  Something we’ve always believed at VarCity is that working out with a buddy is a great way to stick to your workout routine.  And if you’re still looking for that perfect running partner, try your local animal shelter.

No matter what your running pace, you can find a pup who's exactly your speed.  Some of the younger dogs can be boundless bundles of energy, while some of the larger or older dogs -- who own a few more years experience -- can have a slower steady stride.  Ziggy (shown above) is a Puerto Rican rescue who gets so excited to run he can hardly contain himself!

Across the country a growing number of animal shelters are broadening their volunteer base by appealing to runners while giving higher-energy dogs companionship and a healthy, calming outlet as they await adoption.

“I really do think we’re part of the reason dogs are getting adopted,” said Adria Eichner, who helps coordinate the Delco Dog Trotters program and provides training for volunteers.  “We’re giving dogs another skill they might not have had, and it makes them more marketable.”

If you’ve been thinking about adopting a new running buddy or just want a new way to volunteer with animals, ask if your local SPCA or animal shelter has its own program.