How to Stay Healthy Post Halloween


Some call it the “second most wonderful time of the year”. Post Halloween can become a pregame for Thanksgiving if you’re not careful. It is so easy to slip into that food coma early and stock up on treats the 7-year-old you babysit worked hard to earn. Here is how to indulge and avoid being on the next season of Biggest Loser.

Treat Yourself (the right way)

If you’re going to eat candy, you might as well eat the best out there. Opting for dark chocolate over milk is a simple switch. Or even better, eat some Rasinets (yes, they count as a serving of fruit)!

Pace Yourself

If you absolutely have to, eat the gunky stuff. Everyone has that ONE CANDY that they just HAVE TO EAT, so you have my full permission to indulge, sparingly. Portion control and self-control go hand and hand when it comes to sweets. Always make sure you go the “bite size” route instead of the “king size”.

Remind Yourself

You cannot get through the post Halloween season without a little motivation. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and you want to be able to enjoy it! You’ll thank yourself later for putting in the work now,