VarCity Trends: Fitness Fashion

Emily Ratajkowski

Tired of wearing your well-worn T-shirt and old yoga pants to the gym? Make like Emily Ratajkowski and sweat in style—think bold-colored shorts ($45), crop tops ($45) and throwback sneaks ($75). Take your cue from A-list stars that now that what you wear to workout can be just as important as your on-duty uniform. The rule here? Always be ready to make a good impression at the gym.

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Workout Clothing Trends We Love: Workout from Home

Fitness clothing workout teen

If you haven't talked your parents into getting that Peloton bike for the basement yet, you need to update your Amazon wish list immediately.  There’s nothing better than getting home from a stressful day and challenging your friend who lives across country to a head-to-head workout.  And whether it’s a Peloton Bike or just one of the many live-streaming classes available online (e.g. Daily Burn or Booya Fitness) there’s never been a better time to get a great workout in the privacy of your own home.        

And with great privacy, comes great workout clothes.  Above we pictured some of our favorite fashion-forward workout clothes that might need a couple of wears before you bust them out at the boutique gym.

Bkr Water Bottle, $40, available at; Victoria Sport Sports Bra, available at; Nike Sneakers, $130, available at; The Upside Leggings, $102, available at

Workout Clothing Trends We Love: Yoga

yoga fashion trend

If you haven’t gotten in on the yoga fusion trend yet, you’re missing out on one of our new favorite workout themes.  Whether it’s yoga + heat, yoga + hip-hop or yoga +...umm...smells, the yoga world has done some serious evolving this year.  

And because we want you to look good when you’re trying out that new Drake vs Migos yoga rap battle class, we got you covered in the fashion department.  See a few suggested items in the photo above and here’s where you can purchase them:

La Vie Boheme Yoga Mat, $86, available at; Pepper & Mayne Unitard, $58, available at; Adidas by Stella McCartney Hoodie, $107, available at; Adidas Originals Sneakers, $84, available at