healthy snacks

Our Top 5 Snacks for After-School

Healthy Snacks

After-school healthy snacks are always tricky.  You’re starving, but you don’t want to break the bank and you know you have dinner in a few hours.  Here are VarCity’s top 5 picks for healthy snacks to help you feel full in that 3pm between lunch and dinner area.


Low-fat yogurt is an excellent source of calcium. To add taste and nutritional value, whip up a yogurt parfait with berries and granola or make a homemade fruity yogurt pop that beats sugary store-bought frozen treats any day.


The protein in this healthy snack keeps energy levels high until dinnertime. We like to stick salt-free pretzel sticks into cubes of low-fat cheese to make "satellite snacks," but you can also make cheese more interesting by putting it on your favorite whole wheat cracker or making kabobs with your favorite fruit.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet spuds are some of the most nutritious vegetables around: They're packed with vitamin A and are good sources of B6, C, and folate. These simple, delicious chips are great alternatives to the greasy, store-bought variety.


Made from pureed chickpeas, hummus is an excellent dip for after-school.  It has an appealing nutty flavor, is thick enough not to be messy, and contains folate, vitamin B6, and iron.  Serve hummus with cut-up vegetables or salt-free crackers for dipping, or use it to make a pita bread sandwich.

Whole-Grain Waffles

For a fun alternative to peanut butter and jelly, try waffles for a boost of whole grains and fiber.  These cool new protein-packed waffles topped with a small dollop of cream cheese and a fruit jelly are a refreshing change for snacktime.