Plants to Help Your Allergies

Best Plants for Allergies

For teens who suffer from allergies due to pollen and other pollutants, spring usually means more sneezing and watery eyes.  The good news is that you can get relief from this problem by growing certain houseplants that collect pollen and pollutants in their leaves -- helping to clean the air in your home.  Most take very little care, and some low allergy houseplants even remove dangerous chemicals, such as formaldehyde, from the air. 

So which houseplants relieve allergies the best? NASA conducted a Clean Air Study to determine which plants would work well in closed environments such as Mars and Lunar bases. The top plants they recommend include the following: 

  1. Mums and peace lilies, which help to remove PCE from the air 
  2. Golden pothos and philodendron, which can control formaldehyde 
  3. Gerbera daisies to control benzene Areca palm to humidify the air 
  4. Lady palm and bamboo palm as general air cleaners 
  5. Dracaena, well known for grabbing allergens from the air and holding them in its leaves
House Plants that Clean the Air