Jessy Giordano: Soccer's Coolest Coach

jessy and onyx

It's more common than not to come across people that hate the field they work in. Jessy Giordano is an outlier. She loves her field- the physical one that she gets to play on every day. 

I've had the pleasure of knowing Jessy through most of my childhood and she oozes cool. When I was 10, she taught me how to roller blade. When I was 12, she brought her pet pig Onyx over to my house.  Her spunk and personality are what make not only her friends love her, but her players as well. 

Jessy has been soccer training for 9 years, but had always worked for someone else. Three years ago she began private training on her own, after being urged to do so because of her large local fan base of young soccer players. J.Gio Training had humble beginnings. A logo created by Jessy's graphic designer best friend and brand merch that you can't miss- it's all neon yellow.  

The company has grown solely on Instagram- giving credit to all of Jessy's cool training videos as well as cameos by her pet pig. I don’t play soccer, but I can still find myself getting lost in her feed.

She utilizes Instagram to learn more about coaching, and do you connect with others in the soccer industry.  For instance, I recently saw text exchange between her and Brandi Chastain, casual.

Jessy’s strong work ethic is passed onto her athletes as well as her can-do spirit and hysterical personality. She is a great example of how to make the most out of training and working out.

(You can find Jessy on her Instagram: @jgiotraining)