Top 10 Reasons to Attend a VarCity Studios Class

1. Get moving Sign up for a class today and start or rev up your workout routine!

2. Workout with your friends Exercise doesn’t need to be a solitary activity. Sign up for a class with your friends for a fun afternoon.

3. Workout with your friends in a class designed for YOU Not only will you be working out with your friends, but you’ll be taking a class designed for teens just like you.

4. Become a role model Be a fit and healthy teen that your friends can look up to. Motivate other teens to join a VarCity class and kickstart their health!

5. Become closer with your friends You’ll become closer with friends when you sweat it out together during a tough workout. Try out a class and see what we mean!

6. Make new friends Meet other teens in NYC interested in staying fit and healthy.

7. Accountability When you sign up for a class with VarCity you’ll be accountable to your friends and other teens in the class and you won’t want to miss out.

8. You’ll be more motivated Working out with other teens in classes designed for you will be more fun and you’ll be more motivated to show up and work hard.

9. Check out fun studios and classes in NYC VarCity partners with studios across NYC that will give you the opportunity to try out various classes at multiple studios with likeminded teens

10. Stay Healthy Most importantly, being active is a core part of being healthy. Let VarCity studios make exercise enjoyable to help you stay healthy!

ywr teens

"From spinning to hot yoga, I've done it all, but YWR was able to uncover that boxing is one fun fitness activity I've missed out on.  If I had to sum up the Young Wild & Restless experience in a simple phrase, I'd say 'Super fun!'"  

- Chelsey P.

YWR Friends

"One rule my coaches stressed throughout my Olympic and collegiate rowing career was that champions were made in the offseason.  So staying fit, active and prepared all year round was a habit I learned young, and that mantra has carried me throughout my athletic and professional career." 

- Paul Teti, Princeton '01, Olympian '00, '04, '08

YWR Teens

"I was looking to ramp up my workout routine  before the start of the spring Track & Field season and decided to try a workout with Young Wild & Restless.  YWR's professional trainers gave me workouts that were fun and intense and the trainers were always up to date with the latest in fitness research.  I can't wait to get back on the track in awesome shape when the season starts.  YWR is the best thing I did this winter!"

- Campbell D.   

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YWR Friends

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"As an orthopedic surgeon and former Olympian, I know that whether it's in the classroom or in the Olympic training center I always achieved more when I worked with a team.  Team workouts offer that extra motivation to get into the gym, and allow you to improve your fitness abilities together, to not only get stronger physically, but mentally as well.  Stay young and stay restless, my friends."  

- Tom Herschmiller, Princeton '01, Olympian '00, '04